“Filler Material?

Things have been out of control at work lately, so no real post this time around. I’d say we were short-handed, but we don’t have enough people to be considered short-handed. For your amusement, I’m posting some of the more unusual search strings people have entered that have pulled up my site.

–body language misrepresentation of face
–filthy houses
–stories about respect and politeness
–algor mortis baby
–body language misrepresentation
–chicken wounds
–children’s stories about respect and politeness
–color of human decomposition
–coroner photos of famous people
–death by hanging urination
–dogs underbelly discoloration
–female turd stories
–filthy house rotting
–how to clean decomposed body
–how to do auto body work
–how to fingerprinting a decomposed dead body
–human toilet stories
–ingestion of heroin pellets for traffic
–morgue cooler temperature decomposition
–naked police bath field
–property damage suicide
–rectal temperature stories
–skin exam stories
–sleeper hold (rectal)
–swelling of body before death
–blunt force trauma in weight lifting
–child’s sleeping bag
–collapsed windpipe
–conversion van child deaths
–coroner smell decomposition
–death urination defecation forensics
–defecation after death
–drag reduces on the blunt body
–filthy stories blogspot
–photos of child autopsy skin slippage
–popped blood vessels in the face
–rectal thermometer experience stories
–removing odor dead human
–see photos of husband and wife in bath tub
–sleeper hold stories
–tree trunk discoloration blueish

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